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There are lots of different ways you can get involved with the Museum. To hear from us more often, sign up to our newsletter or join 'Rete': our international mailing list on the history of scientific instruments. If you're interested in working or volunteering at the Museum, find out more. You can also use this page to learn more about donating to the Museum; as a charity your donations allow us to develop and extend our programme of public engagement activities, research teaching and collections conservation.

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Mailing list (Rete)

Rete is a mailing list devoted to the history of scientific instruments. It is open to all interested parties – curators, historians, students, collectors, and dealers – at all levels of experience and expertise. Subscribers can use it to ask questions about particular instruments or types of instrument; to announce exhibitions, meetings and conferences; to draw attention to printed or electronic publications; and so on. The list should not, however, be used for commercial purposes, such as announcing instruments for sale. Find out more.

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