A Healthy Future for All?

Explore the science behind the pandemic headlines


To save lives during the COVID-19 pandemic, scientists took innovative approaches to produce rigorously tested, clinical-grade vaccines and drugs at speed.

But how can these new techniques deliver wider healthcare benefits for all of us?

A Healthy Future for All? empowers you to discover the science for yourself:


A Healthy Future for All? How do vaccines work?
A Healthy Future for All? Model showing antibodies in action
A Healthy Future for All? Staying Ahead map
A Healthy Future for All? The Big Questions


find out how your immune system works

get hands-on to help our cells fight off the COVID-19 virus

explore how medical science is using pandemic experiences to stay one step ahead of the next outbreak

hear what researchers, students and museum visitors think about science and the future of healthcare


The Big Questions


What's your view on using apps to track the spread of disease?

What do you think is the right approach to fair funding for healthcare?

Check out our Big Questions Wall, where Oxford’s medical ethics team, Ethox, shares how their practical research helps healthcare professionals address real-world issues in the spotlight.

A Healthy Future for All? Big Questions Wall


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