Mathematical Mayhem!

Oxford Maths Festival - fun with numbers
Sat 11 May 2024  |  10am-12pm  |  Families: children 3+  |  Free (drop in)
Templars Square, Cowley, Oxford. Part of the Oxford Maths Festival 2024

Have fun using maths and numbers to play games and solve puzzles

Join us at Templars Square in Cowley for hands-on mathematical games and activities

  • Fancy a game of chocolate trickery?
  • Play us at a game of dice — but watch out (will we always win ...?)
  • Challenge us to work out your birthday using magic numbercards
  • Team up with a partner to work out how to escape from handcuffs
  • Check out our map — can you work out the shortest route between all the cities?

Get hands on


Something for everyone, ages 3 and up  |  Free (just drop in)

Games and puzzles provided by Magic Mathworks.