House of Wisdom

Session details


Museum based or Online Virtual Classroom
Usually Monday to Thursday, 10am or 12:30pm

Curriculum Links
Religious Studies

Key Stage 2

Length of session
About 90 minutes (Museum based)
60 minutes + post-session activity (Online)

Maximum group size
Up to 35 (Museum based)
1 class (Online)


Session outline

Find out about some of the great scientists and discoveries from 10th century Baghdad and the early Islamic world.

Discover some of the fantastic objects in our collection, including astrolabes (maps of the stars) that come from this time.

Make your own Qibla Indicator to take home.

Online Virtual Classrooms session:

Download Teachers' Notes which include:

  • outline
  • learning aims
  • curriculum links
  • classroom resources needed
  • suggestions for further pre- and post-session activities.