The Amazing Things People Did for Medicine and Other Stuff’

WARNING: This exhibition will make you want to learn more about medicine and medical stuff!

A Collections Expert

A Collections Expert looks at a potential exhibit – with gloves on of course!

Come and see our fantastic exhibition created and curated by the children in Year 2 of SS Philip and James primary school.

The children have worked hard, challenging themselves to see how good they could be at researching and learning about medicine. Over the course of this year, the children worked with Museum staff, exploring what happens behind the scenes in a museum and finding out all about medical science. Thanks to the children’s good friend Michelle they have really enjoyed learning all about the Museum and the topic.

You will learn loads if you visit, and you will be very impressed with all the hard work the children have done. You will find out about all sorts of medicines and medical inventions, including penicillin, vaccinations, microscopes and stethoscopes. You will also find out about some of the people who helped develop our understanding of how our bodies work.

The children would love to share their learning with as many people as possible and you will have opportunities to explore the rest of this brilliant museum as well.

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Objects in 'The Amazing Things'

Behind the Scenes of 'The Amazing Things'

Freya's poster for "The Amazing Things" exhibition
Alice's poster for 'The Amazing Things' exhibition
Henry's poster for "The Amazing Things" exhibition
James' poster for "The Amazing Things" exhibition
Rohan's poster for "The Amazing Things" exhibition
Zoe's poster for "The Amazing Things" exhibition