Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID vaccine sculpture Luke Jerram

Luke Jerram's COVID-19 Vaccine glass sculpture

You’re looking at a single nanoparticle of the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine

One million times its actual size, sculpted in glass

A story of Oxford science
This stunning artwork celebrates the remarkable story of the Oxford University researchers who developed the vaccine.
The combined achievements of the Oxford Vaccine Group and The Jenner Institute contributed to the global effort to stop the spread of COVID-19.
An artist’s tribute
In November 2020, internationally renowned artist Luke Jerram tested positive for COVID-19.
During his journey back to health, he was inspired to create this artwork marking the ten millionth vaccination in the UK.
"It became clear to me that my next artwork should focus on the vaccine — our way out of this global crisis — as a tribute to the scientists and medical teams who have been working collaboratively across the world to fight the virus."
Add your voice to our living archive
As we live through lockdown and the vaccination roll-out, we’re all part of history in the making.
That’s why we're inviting our visitors to share their thoughts as part of a participative vaccine sculpture display in our Entrance Gallery.




Collecting living history


Where Art meets Science

Art and science connect in a new vision

The powerful beauty of science captured in this stunning glass sculpture lies at the heart of our vision and mission here at the History of Science Museum.

Our world-class collections explore the connections between people, science, art and belief, shining a spotlight on cutting-edge research and innovation in Oxford.




EVENT: The Art of Science

The Art of Science: the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID vaccine


Join us in conversation with:


  • Professor Sarah Gilbert, Professor of Vaccinology at the University of Oxford and leader of Oxford's COVID-19 vaccine team
  • Luke Jerram, internationally renowned artist and creator of the Glass Microbiology catalogue
  • History of Science Museum Director Dr Silke Ackermann 


to hear the story of the vaccine development and discover how art can celebrate the powerful beauty of science.


Online  |  Thursday 20 May, 6-7pm  | Tickets: £5 


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Luke Jerram COVID Vaccine sculpture with Professor Sarah Gilbert
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