Marconi Day 2024

Marconi Day - ODARS radio station at History of Science Museum, University of Oxford


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On Saturday 27 April we’re marking the 150th birthday of Guglielmo Marconi: inventor, entrepreneur and radio pioneer.

To celebrate, the Oxford and District Amateur Radio Society (ODARS) are joining amateur radio enthusiasts around the world as they set up radio stations in places connected to Marconi’s work.

Join ODARS at the History of Science Museum — home of the Marconi collection — as they:


Marconi Day 2024 - transmission

See how one modern radio transceiver can connect Marconi Day stations around the globe using voice, morse code and digital communications.

Have a go: try out the Morse code demo and send a Marconi Day message.


Marconi Day 2024 - information

From time of day to the weather – and even the sun - discover how the world around us affects radio communications.

And find out more about the fascinating world of amateur radio.


Marconi Day 2024 map

See how far the signals are reaching on our map.


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And don’t miss Making Waves — our Marconi collection display — in the Basement Gallery.