Signs of the Zodiac

Explore the human history of star stories — and piece together your own Zodiac signs

What is the Zodiac?

Watch a 3.5-minute crash course on the Zodiac — then get hands-on making your own star constellations.

Get creative

Now you've learned all about the Signs of the Zodiac, have a go at making some star constellations at home. 

Here are a few of our ideas — try out some of your own and let us know how you get on.

Learn together

Fill in the gaps with more on the Ecliptic and how our ancestors looked at the stars.


It's all about the Zodiac constellations and our sun, and how they move in relation to one another.

Take a video "Crash Course" on this imaginary line in space.


Visit NASA's Space Place to:

  • learn the difference between Astronomy and Astrology (they're not the same!)
  • discover more about how our ancestors looked at the stars.

Spot the Zodiac in the Museum

From jewellery to maps and spheres: see where the Zodiac Constellations appear in the Museum.

Complete the picture by taking the Jigsaw Challenge see if you can get the highest score!