Photographing Wonderland

Exploring Lewis Carroll, who captured images with his camera — and our imaginations with his stories.

Curious to get creative?

Why not get crafting and draw your own Cheshire Cat, take the #PictureThis challenge — or meet Pepper's Ghost ...
And we'd love you to join us in the Museum on the Alice in Wonderland Trail (here's more about planning your visit).
Ghostly mirrors ...


Meet Pepper's Ghost ...

Create your own Victorian theatre ghost illusion using:
  • CD case
  • shoebox
  • some craft items
  • two figures to represent the actor and the ghost (we used an owl and a reindeer!).
Your instructions on how to recreate Pepper's Ghost
Find out how the Pepper's Ghost illusion works


841px peppers ghost stage set up 1862 le monde illustre

Pepper's Ghost stage set up, Le Monde Illustré, 1862


Alice in Wonderland trail


Take the Alice in Wonderland trail ...

Come and visit the museum to take the Alice in Wonderland trail.
  • an astrolabe fit for a Queen
  • tantalising telescopes
  • the creative chemicals Lewis Carroll's used to take photographs in Victorian times.
Print out the Alice in Wonderland trail


267px alice by john tenniel

Original illustration by John Tenniel , 1865


Draw your own Cheshire Cat


You're 6 easy steps away from drawing your own Cheshire Cat


All you have to do is:
  1. Download the step-by-step instructions
  2. Grab some pens, paper and an eraser (practice makes perfect!)
  3. Follow the steps
Then relax while you colour in your masterpiece to create your own personal smiling cat.


More to explore: Drawing instruments in the Museum

Take a look at this set of drawing instruments from the early eighteenth century and find out how our experts carefully swabbed and buffed to return it to its former glory.
Image of smiling cat


Take the #PictureThis Challenge


We can all see the Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter's Tea Party in our mind's eye.
So why not recreate scenes from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass in your own home?
Make yourself a fancy dress costume — or get the whole family involved in your Alice tableau.
13 Alice Magic Lantern Slides Mad Hatter's Tea Party 1800x840px



Take the Puzzle Challenge

Painted by hand in the early 1900s, these Magic Lantern slides bring the Alice stories to life in fresh, vibrant colours.

Have a go at the Alice jigsaw puzzles (warning: they can be addictive!).

More to explore

Take a look at Charles Dodgson's photographic equipment and more Lewis Carroll-themed objects in our collection.



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